The Big Comfy: Ep. 34 – Ironclad Steamboat



Welcome everyone to another fun filled edition of The Big Comfy. Episode 34, titled “Ironclad Sailboat” brings us a new weekly segment called “Teach Us Something!” where we both share a fact that many might not know. We then bust into “This Week In Politics”, and wrap it up with a Tall Tale. We hope you enjoy the show! Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

- Matt and Bryan

The Big Comfy: Ep. 33 – Swish, Leather!



Hello Comfy People! We are back with a brand new edition! Episode 33 titled, “Swish, Leather!” This week we get caught up with you all on happenings in our lives, Make up a SONG on our “This Week In…” segment!!! And end the show by discussing What we would like to hear the other person talk about. Whether you’re at work, home, kitchen, bathroom, shower, or the car, tune in and let us know what you think! Thanks a million everyone! Have a wonderful week!

-Matt and Bryan

The Big Comfy: Ep. 32 – Bulldog Grimey Paws (Feat. Ryan Fernandez)


(Click HERE to Listen)


Welcome to another fun filled edition of The Big Comfy Podcast!! Episode 32 y’all!! We are joined by our good friend Ryan Fernandez! Ryan just moved to LA with plenty to share! We discuss This Week in Driving, and create a new Third Segment where we do The Big Comfy version of the classic childhood game, MASH! We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week!

-Matt and Bryan

Shot for Shot Live Action Re-Make of “OO-DE-LALLY” (From Disney’s Robin Hood)

The Big Comfy: Ep. 31 – Asteroid Magnetic Grappling Hook (Feat. Dusty Wilson)



We welcome you to a very funny episode featuring a very funny guest! Mr. Dusty Wilson joins us on the program today!! Dusty is currently interning at The Nerdist Podcast! We discuss This Week in Fast Food, and share our Top Three Things You Would have on Your Space Utility Belt! We had a blast recording it and we hope you enjoy listening! Have a great week everyone!

-Matt and Bryan

“Star Wars Circus” Google Search Result


I googled “Star Wars Circus” and this wonderful piece of art came up.

Listen to Ep. 30 to hear us discuss what a Star Wars Themed Circus might have in store.

Very Cool Fan Made Trailer of the Original Superman

Check out Ep. 30 to listen to Mitchell Roche talk about his excitement for new Superman movie. Click here

The Big Comfy: Ep. 30 – Monkey Alive Scene (Feat. Mitchell Roche)

328237_10150297137538389_462994263_o    528328_10151397548948775_869245648_n



We’re back!! We are joined by one of our favorite improvisors in the LA area (and while we’re at it, the world!) Mitchell Roche!!! Listen in as we discuss This Week in Movies, and play out a some hilarious Circus Scenarios. We hope everyone is doing well!

-Matt and Bryan

Best Bike Trick Video of All Time?

This guy is seriously amazing! My favorite is the semi-truck trick. What’s yours?

The Big Comfy: Ep. 29 – Jumping Bean (VIDEO)

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to our first video podcast! This is Episode 29, LIVE!!! We discuss This Week in Relaxation, and a Dear Abbey segment (Listener questions). Always fun times on The Big Comfy! Let us know your thoughts on the video!!

-Matt and Bryan

The Big Comfy: Ep. 29 – Jumping Bean


EPISODE 29 (Click to Listen)

Hello everyone! Welcome to another week and another episode of The Big Comfy! This week we changed it up a little bit and recorded video of the podcast! We will have the video for you shortly, but the audio will do for now. We discuss This Week in Relaxation, and a Dear Abbey segment (Listener questions). Always fun times on The Big Comfy! Have a great week!!


-Matt and Bryan

Hack a banana, get a keyboard…

Change the way you look at the world…


Nine Months Ago We Conceived A Miracle…


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We want to officially announce the birth of our very own, healthy, baby WEBSITE! It’s 19″ wide, it has Matt’s eyes, and Bryan’s hair (Thank the lord!). We are two very proud parents! Please feel free to take a look around and send us some feedback on this glorious day!!

-Matt and Bryan

Soccer Goal Celebrations… with Special FX!

The Big Comfy: Ep. 28 – Think Love Time (Feat. Bryson Turner)

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.07.14 PM

EPISODE 28 (Click to Listen)

Hello good people!! Welcome to another fun filled edition of The Big Comfy! We are graced by the presence of Bryson Turner on this episode. Bryson is a wonderful stand up comedian from New York City. We discuss This Week in Air, and go on a conversational journey through space and time. We had an amazing time recording this episode and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did recording it! Thank you and have a wonderful week!!

-Matt and Bryan

Minnesota Vikings Show Off New Stadium Plans

Minnesota Vikings New Stadium Fly-through

The Big Comfy: Ep. 27 – Wheat Grass Thomas (Feat. Thomas Dale)


EPISODE 27 (Click to Listen)

Hello and welcome to a special weekend edition of The Big Comfy!! We are so excited to welcome Thomas Dale on the program!! You may know him as a new writer and performer on E’s Chelsea Lately. On this episode we discuss This Week in Bugs, and share our Top 3 Personality Traits we like in Other People. We hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!!

-Matt and Bryan

Thomas Dale on the next episode of The Big Comfy!!


We are really excited to welcome Thomas Dale on the show! If you aren’t familiar with Thomas check out his website ( Currently he is one of the newest writers and regular performers on E’s Chelsea Lately! Stay tuned for the episode!

Fast, Faster, and Fastest

How much you wanna bet this guy took lessons sometime in his life.

NBA Bloopers 2012-2013

NBA Bloopers 2012-2013, some real gems this year.